About Parisa

I am not here to make you a cake. I am here to design THE dream cake, a piece of exquisite art that takes your breath away and blows your mind because finally you have found the cake that not only looks the best but tastes the best too. Imagine tasting pure joy every time you take a bite. 


As a Cake Artist,
Before I even sketch out your cake, I already know how it will transform in real life.

To be honest, I'm a dessert lover. I am that person who will go to any lengths looking for that perfect bite of cake. Before I was a Cake Artist, I was an avid cake consumer, looking up the best cake and dessert shops to visit during my vacations. I would go about places, picking the most unique flavors to try. I still do. It's one of the ways I get excited about visiting a new place. And so it turns out, as much as I love tasting them, I love designing them too. 

In a nutshell?  That's how I am able to present you with magical cakes that leave your taste buds wanting more. I will walk you through your custom cake journey, make it a stroll in the park and create a life time of memories along the way. Because I'm all about replacing the "pretty cakes don't taste that good" energy with "cakes can and should taste as good as they look" belief. 

The beliefs that guide me?

Passionate about art, the beauty of life, flavors in this world because there's nothing I love more than creating that cake unique to you.

Because love knows no boundaries and every soul on this earth deserves to celebrate their love.

Like Pablo Picasso says "Art is chaos taking shape". I believe cake artistry is all about the joys of life, the fun colors and the endless possibilities!

It took one buttercream recreational class to realize how stuck I felt at my 9 to 5 Finance job. And that's all it took. One class for a light bulb moment. I quit my job after a few months of that class and enrolled in The International Culinary Center in New York. Next thing I know, I was graduating with a diploma in Cake Techniques & Designs. Let me share a secret with you here - I had never baked a day in my life (I mean zero, nada!) before I started culinary school. But I fell in love the moment I entered the school kitchens. I felt as if I was meant to be there all my life. It felt natural to be making sugar flowers instead of staring at an excel sheet all day.

Want the real story?

Now, as a Cake Artist, I design cakes that do more than look good. I'm here to create the very best for you so you can fall in love with your cake both for it's taste and it's looks. I truly believe that my educational background in cake techniques & design and my eye for detail (hello Finance life) gives my work that refined delicacy. 

My astrological sign is

Confession Time!

Virgo! It shows in my work, can you tell? 

My dog's name is

Albus Dumbledawg, yes I am obsessed with Harry Potter

My go-to fun fact

I can dance, and by that I mean I have done Rumba & Salsa dance showcases

The beach or the moutains?

Definitely the beach

Feel like you *finally* found the right fit?